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19-21 January 2020

The Global Youth Summit, Actions for Earth

The GYS summits and camps have been held a couple times per year in different countries, mostly Asia, but will be held for the first time in Melbourne Australia in 2020. We are expecting 200 international and local participants aged 11-20 for GYS2020. 

GYS 2020 is a jam-packed 3-day event focusing on the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals*, also known as "SDG's" which aim to improve the livelihood of future generations through goals such as responsible consumption and production, clean water and sanitation, climate action and building sustainable cities. 

Day 1: Key industry speakers from the areas of renewable energy, fashion, international aid, social entrepreneurship and corporate compliance will share their projects and strategies for the future via interactive workshops with delegates

Day 2: The United Nations will be running workshops focussing on the topic of 'Sustainable Cities and Communities' in the format of a UN General assembly.

Day 3: International Competition- Delegates will present innovative solutions for environmental problems. Groups will represent their schools and/countries to compete for trophies and prizes to the value of $10,000.

The Korean Society of Victoria has 1 scholarship to offer to the value of over $300.

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