#1 Be an Ambassador for Korean Culture in Australian Society

Korea has a rich traditional culture that goes beyond the recent K-pop music and fashion. We are passionate about sharing and promoting intercultural understanding in the Australian community

#2 Be a Part of a dynamic network of Australian Koreans

There are an increasing number of Korean visitors and immigrants in Australia who would greatly appreciate a warm welcome from some familiar faces who share an understanding of the 'motherland'. The KSV can help you settle in and meet other new and established Korean-Australians

#3 Be a Mentor and Develop Community Leadership

Sharing knowledge, mentoring and supporting each other in the community is a part of the KSV. There is such a wealth of knowledge and experience within the KSV wide network, and you'll find we love to support each other where we can.

정회원 권한

빅토리아 한인회는 호주 다문화 사회에서 한국 문화를 알리고 교민의 이익 증진을 위한 봉사단체입니다. 한인회 정회원은 정기/임시 총시 투표권이 있으면 위임할 자격이 있습니다.

High Fives

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