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[Coming Soon]K-Pop Community in Melbourne

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Korean Popular Culture which is known as Hallyu (한류) has became a global phenomenon under the infection of K-pop and K-dramas. A new record has been broken by one of the hottest trend K-pop idol groups, BTS last week that they hit 100 million views of their latest comeback 'DYNAMITE' in less than 24 hours. K-pop fans worldwide have been known as the most passionate and enthusiastic fandom. Not only the idol groups themselves being famous, K-pop fans are also well-known by the amount of talents they have. There will be massive singing or dancing covers posted on YouTube or Instagram once an idol group comeback.

This blog will introduce the K-pop community in Melbourne. It will include an interview with leaders of KM United and Snowflake dance Crew and members from Archery Star and Pulse dance Crew in Melbourne. They will be talking about their experiences in a dance crew and thoughts of the influence of K-pop.

Here are some dance cover videos for a sneak peak. More details coming soon;)

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