• Anna Giang

Event Wrap-Up - "Let's Talk About Domestic Violence" with Ms Gladys Liu MP

Last Thursday, September 10th 2020, we had the pleasure of hosting the “Let’s Talk About Domestic Violence” event, the first in our Community Education series.

We would love to extend our thanks to all who attended, and to Ms Gladys Liu MP for her insightful presentation, which reminded us of how differences between Korean/Asian and Australian cultural values can cause conflict, how to prevent domestic violence, and where to turn for help. It helped us be more aware of the important issue of domestic violence, and reassured us that there is support out there whom we should not be afraid to reach out to.

Our next event in the Community Education series will be a 3-part talk by Professor Kim Gihwan on maintaining a harmonious family, and dealing with domestic violence.

We hope you can join us! Please follow us on Facebook, and keep an eye out on this blog for more details to come.

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